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Tyson Chicken Project A+

We also collect Tyson Chicken labels. 
Click the image below to visit their website for more information.


Here are some examples of what must be turned in:

lunchmeatPanel.gifThis label is found on their LUNCH MEAT packages

panel.gifThis label is found on their BOXES of meat.

panel_bag.gifThis label is found on their BAGS of meat.

Support Sun City

Click below to find out how you can earn several extra points for Sun City by registering your Labels for Education Shopper Card. It's easy!

elabels image 

box top log.gif

Box Tops for Education

Click on the image below to begin supporting our school. 
Once you enter the Box Tops for Education site, if you haven't registered please do so.

boxtop logo2

You can also shop from this site to numerous locations and support our school in the process.
Thanks again for supporting our school.

Community Coffee - Cash for Schools

Community Coffee

We collect Community Coffee labels using their Cash for Schools program. 
You will find an instruction sheet and products' summary in the "locker." 
This is just another way to help support our school.


Campbell's Soup Labels

We also collect Campbell's Soup Labels. 
Click on the image below to visit their website and learn more about the program.

campbells soup label
Thanks for supporting our school!!!!!!!!!