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Information about Writing Prompts on iLEAP

Writing Prompt Exemplars Posted

The writing prompt on this year's LEAP and iLEAP is significantly different than it has been in years past. The new prompt, which asks students to read one or two passages and respond to a writing topic using information from the text(s), introduces teachers and students to an important CCSS instructional shift-writing grounded in text evidence.  The Department has developed sample prompts as well as aligned student exemplars to illustrate the types of questions that students will see and the type of work that should be expected of them.  There are three separate documents: one for LEAP and iLEAP, one for English II, and one for English III. The LEAP/iLEAP document has assembled writing prompts and samples of student work for grades 3-8 in one document so teachers can easily see the changes in passage complexity and the increasing expectations for rigor in student work as students progress from grade 3 to grade 8.


The documents are available on the LDOE website at LDOE Website

Third Grade


Ms. Basey

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Mrs. Bettis

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Mrs. Blythe

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Mrs. West

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Mrs. Christner

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Mrs. Lewis

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Miss Arledge

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Arledge 11:49
Basey 11:47
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Christner 11:55
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West 11:45

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