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picture of mrs herrin
Mrs. Herrin, paraprofessional

picture of ms johnson

Ms. Johnson, paraprofessional
picture of mrs landingham
Mrs. Landingham, Library Aide
Mrs. Moncrief, paraprofesional
picture of mrs mooney
Mrs. Mooney, paraprofessional

Enrichments & Support Staff

picture of mrs lowrey
Mrs. Lowrey, Physical Education

549-7012 * Website

picture of ms webb
Ms. Webb, Physical Education

549-7012 * Website

picture of mr braden
Mr. Braden, A.P.E.

picture of mrs garlington

Mrs. Garlington, Music

549-7044 * Website

picture of mrs marrero

Mrs. Marrero, S.T.E.A.M. / Art

549-7043 * Website

picture of  mrs matthews

Mrs. Matthews, Librarian

549-7014 * Website

picture of mrs pease

Mrs. Pease, Computer Lab

549-7032 * Website

picture of mrs lee

Mrs. Lee, Speech Therapist

549-7000 * Website

picture of mrs allen

Mrs. Allen, ELL