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Sun City Positive Behavior Support establishes expectations, rewards appropriate behavior, and reinforces social skills.  We invite parents and community members to join us in a common effort to promote and reward behaviors which contribute to skills for productive citizens.  We:  Stand Ready, Try our Best, Act Responsibly, and Respect All.

  Stand Ready Try our Best Act Responsibly Respect All
Classroom * Be prepared * Follow directions * Complete work quietly * Show respect
Hallway * Line up quietly * Walk in a straight line * Zip and flip * Respect displayed work
Restroom *Wait your turn quietly * Keep restroom clean * Flush and wash * Give privacy to others
Cafeteria * Quiet in quiet zones * Eat first, then whisper * Clean up after yourself * Use good manners
Playground * Be fair, smart, and safe * Follow adult instructions * Use equipment properly * Respect others' space
Bus Area * Walk to and from the bus * Stay safe * Keep hands and feet to yourself * Show courtesy to drivers and peers
Car Pick-up * Stay in your grade level row * Watch for your ride * Listen for your name * Sit quietly

Sun City S.T.A.R. behavior expectations and procedures may be adapted for home use.  Below is an example of the Sun City expectations applied to the home situation.  Please feel free to personalize our matrix to fit your individual home situation and child's needs.

  Stand Ready Try our Best Act Responsibly Respect All
Morning Routine * Wake up with time to spare * Get dressed without being told * Eat breakfast and brush your teeth * Perform routine without disturbing others
Homework * Bring home all homework and materials * Try to do work yourself before asking for help * Set specific time and place to do homework away from TV * Start homework without being told
Dinner Time * Come to dinner on time * Eat a variety of foods * Eat reasonable portions * Use appropriate manners
Bed Time * Prepare book bag and uniform for the next day * Limit TV time to a set time, then turn it off * Schedule quiet time/reading time at bedtime * Go to bed when told

Sun City S.T.A.R. expectations and rules may be modified to address a business situation.  The example below shows the expectations applied to employees at a  business.  Please feel free to change the entries to reflect the skills needed in your community business.


  Stand Ready Try our Best Act Responsibly Respect All
Morning Routine * Arrive at work on time * Keep a positive attitude * Follow work procedures * Treat co-workers with respect
Work Station * Be punctual * Be friendly to customers * Keep work area neat and organized * Use polite speech
Break Room * Be aware of time limits * Keep all conversations professional * Keep area clean * Be considerate of others
Meetings * Be prepared and bring all materials * Focus on the agenda * Maintain corporate mission * Uphold rules of order
Work Projects * Formulate plan * Stay within the projected time line * Do your share of the work * Respect the contributions of team members