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Uniforms & Supply Lists

Sun City Elementary Uniform Policy

This is a notice of the uniform policy for next school year as voted on by the committee on 5-7-19


Please plan your purchases according to the items listed below.


Jackets and Coats must be SOLID NAVY BLUE or SOLID BLACK (zipper or button). Only 2018-19 Designs for School Hoodies. Cardigan Sweaters (button up) NAVY BLUE. No monogramming, designs, patterns, stripes, etc. Non-uniform jackets / sweaters / hoodies may NOT be worn at school or at recess.



These will be the only royal blue jackets allowed.

You may monogram a student's name on the this jacket only.



  • No Designer Labels, Tags, or Monogramming

  • Spirit Shirts – 19-20 Design or 18-19 Design ONLY. Friday or Field Trips

  • NO dangling, pierced earrings and no hats to be worn in the building

  • NO distracting hairstyles or hair colors

  • Regular / Plain head-bands only. No character or costume head-bands

  • NO Rolling Backpacks. NO Roller Wheels on Shoes. No Light Up Shoes

  • No snap/flap pockets, No sagging styles, No cargo pants, no cargo shorts, no cargo capris

  • Shorts & Skirts must be longer than the wearer's fingertips by side. This includes jean shorts and  skirts on jeans day

  • Shirts must be worn tucked in


  • Polo Shirts: White, Royal Blue, Harvest Gold (not pastel yellow), or Navy 

  • Oxford Shirts: White (plain front). Girls may also wear a Peter Pan Collar white shirt

  • Turtlenecks with plain front: White, Navy, Royal Blue or Gold worn under uniform shirt

  • School Dry Fit Shirts (available at school) may be worn any day of the week


  • Boys: Navy or Khaki pants or shorts

  • Girls: Navy or Khaki pants, capri pants, shorts, skorts, skirts, or jumpers. Uniform shirts must be worn under jumpers

  • No snap/flap pockets, No sagging styles, No cargo pants/ no cargo shorts or capris

  • Jersey dresses in Navy or Khaki

  • Plaid pattern #57 that you can purchase at the Sports World on Jewella. Please make sure you order from them to ensure it is the correct pattern


  • Dark Color - Brown / Black / Khaki   - must be worn with any pants or shorts with belt loops. Girls’ belts purchased through Southern Sassy Bows.


  • Socks:  Plain-White, Black, Navy, Harvest Gold or Royal Blue (no socks to be worn over the knee). Socks must match

  • Tights and Leggings: Solid Colors (Navy, Royal Blue, Black, Harvest Gold, or White). Tights may not have any design on them

  • Flat, closed toe shoes with a back. Socks are strongly recommended to prevent injury such as blistering. 

  • No light up shoes

  • Athletic shoes must be worn on PE days


  • Jackets/Coats: Solid Navy Blue or Solid Black, 2018-19 School Hoodies. NO OTHER HOODIES ARE ALLOWED

  • Cardigan Sweaters (button up) must be navy blue No other color jackets may be worn to school or at recess

SPIRIT & CLUB SHIRTS:  2019-2020 & 2018-2019 Designs Only - Older designs may not be worn to school.

  • Short Sleeve Spirit Shirts may be worn on Fridays and Field Trips

  • Long Sleeve Spirit Shirts may be worn anyday

  • Club T-Shirts may be worn only on club day

SPECIAL SHIRT DAYS: Students may wear themed shirts on the following days;

  • October 31      Halloween

  • November 21    Thanksgiving

  • December 19    Polar Express Day (PJs to school)

  • December 20     Christmas / Winter

  • February 14    Valentine’s Day

  • March 17        St. Patrick’s Day

  • April 9        Easter

Parents may be asked to bring Correct clothing to school for their child.